Fighting for Breath


The article is about air pollution and how the pollution relates health problems. He states that this relationship is not completely explored and even the air inside houses is affected. After mentioning the political situation, the author closes with an appeal to the reader to reduce pollution. This seems like a logical structure when  talking about this topic. The length of the paragraphs appears to be balanced and the topics are addressed in appropriate depth.

The article seems to be concise, every point is discussed in enough length and no drawn out paragraph catches the eye. The separation of the text is good. In every paragraph, one idea is discussed. The sentences, in the beginning, are short and straightforward but some of the later ones are too long.

The Argumentation and explanations seem reasonable and I can follow them. I personally like his analogies , but sometimes they are not appropriate. References are missing, but that is to be excepted as this  is no  scientific paper.


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