Multi-Agent Systems model how different autonomous Agents, with limited knowledge, interact with each other in a shared Environment. A usual use case is to use Agents as a Team and give them a goal, which can only be achieved by multiple agents.

There are is a large number of Parameters that the operator of those teams needs to set in order for the team to interact successfully and reach its goal. Therefore, Methods, from the machine-learning domain, are used to automatically explore all possible parameters and find the most optimal ones.

This Survey will concentrate on Research where the Team Size is greater than two or three. At first, I present the history and background of Multi-Agent-Systems. After that, I give an overview of the  of the Problems, which arise when large teams and machine-learning are used together. After that, I show existing algorithms, which can cope with those problems. Finally, I discuss what further research can be done in the area.

One thought on “Abstract”

  1. Hey Tobias,

    I thank you for your abstract. I understand that your upper topic is multi agent systems and the interaction with the agents. In the first paragraph the last sentence don’t give me any information, because I don’t know which goal only multi agents can achieve. An example at this point could be very helpful for me as a reader 😉
    In the second paragraph you explained what is special about multi agent systems. In the last paragraph you explain your structure of your paper. You explain the upper topic multi agent systems and the subtopics of the problems. At this point I’m asking myself if the subtopics are only a lot of problems that appear in relation to multi agent systems, because I don’t have an idea which other subtopics are possible concerning to multi agent systems. To finish your paper, I think it is a good idea that you concentrate on a certain problem to show a possible solution of a problem of multi agent systems. For me it is understandable what you do at the beginning and in the end, but I don’t know which overview of subtopic from multi agent systems you want to give. Maybe you can explain the overview of subtopics u want to give? It it would help me to understand your structure a little bit more.


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