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I decided to narrow down my original topic of “Multi-Agent Systems” to something like “How can a Team of Agents learn to achieve a goal cooperatively”.

  1. Shoham, Y., & Leyton-brown, K. (2009). Multiagent Systems: Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations. ReVision, 54(1-4), 513 p. – The Foundations are important, it also gives a good overview of the whole field.
  2. Stone, P., & Veloso, M. M. (2000). Multiagent Systems: A Survey from a Machine Learning Perspective. Autonomous Robots, 8(3), 345-383. –  Survey on how Machine Learning is used in Multi-Agent Systems in general.
  3. Panait. (2005). Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning: The State of the Art. Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 11, 387-434. – Survey on how a team of agents can learn to cooperate to achieve a goal.
  4. Byrski, A., Dreżewski, R., Siwik, L., & Kisiel-Dorohinicki, M. (2015). Evolutionary multi-agent systems. The Knowledge Engineering Review, 30(02), 171-186.  – Describes an Evolutionary Approach to Multi-Agent Learning.
  5. Buşoniu, L., Babuška, R., & De Schutter, B. (2008). A comprehensive survey of multiagent reinforcement learning. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part C: Applications and Reviews. – Describes how to use RL to teach a team of Agents.

One thought on “Research Homework”

  1. Hey Tobias,

    After you explained to us how complex the topic of “Multi-Agent Systems” is, it’s nice to see that you choose the topic for the state of the art paper that you explained to us very well and confident. I think this focus got enough material to explain, so that you can create a lot of text with it. If it doesn’t happen, you can use an example or maybe you could explain everything on an example so that the problem you present isn’t so abstract.
    Your references seem like a good and recent selection. But beware that you don’t use only reference 3, because your explanation why you choose this survey sounds like the focus you want to work on your paper is exactly the content of this reference.
    I think you use the quotation function of google scholar to present your references? The style looks very consistent and it is also a clever idea 😉


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