homework – structure of scientific manuscript

Aufgabe 1: check
Aufgabe 2:
1.: System Architecture for the Urban IoT.
2.: Automatic generation of string test cases via MO-optimization.

Aufgabe 3:

Edit: Multi-Agent Systems

(example based) shape synthesis – I think I would like that the most. like this, but i do not have a  good enough overview to say if there is enough to write about. This also includes shape analysis and classification the applications would be procedural generation or shape morphing.

Non-photorealistic Rendering – also a topic I am interested in, there should definitively enough to write about.

Deep Learning – with a focus on computer graphics application, see here.

One thought on “homework – structure of scientific manuscript”

  1. Hi Tobias,

    the title of the first abstract is “Internet of Things for Smart Cities”. I think that your title is quite reasonable and you hit the main basics of this abstract. But in my understanding of the text the paper is not only about the system architecture, it is more about the illustration of the effectiveness of the internet of things in relation to an example after a comprehensive survey of the enabling technologies, protocols, and architecture for an urban IoT that will be presented.
    The real title for the second paper is “Black-Box String Test Case Generation through a Multi-Objective Optimization”. The abbreviation without context is difficult to understand for me. But I think your headline hit the the focus of the paper.

    Well done. See you next week.

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