First Version of the Paper

This is the first version of my paper. It has still a few to-do-notes, I hope that is no poblem.

3 thoughts on “First Version of the Paper

  1. Josi says:

    Hi Norman,

    I am a big fan of your written expression. I loved reading your paper as I actually understood most of what you wrote. In the beginning, I missed the point that QKD actually has a distance-limitation and you came with that information quite late. And the thing about the pads seem to miss a bit for the context, but you still wanted to add something about that I think ^.^

    Your language is very easy to read. The little thingies I noticed are written in the pdf-file, which I sent you in Facebook.

    One last thing: You should look up the usage of commas in the Skern-book. I think he sets up only three rules there about comma usage. I am not sure but it is possible that you actually put to many commas in your text 😉

    You can still ask if you have questions or need help.

    Greets and good luck with the revision.


  2. Alena-Kathrin says:

    The paper describes how key exchange could be realized once quantum computers become fully realized. The BB84 scheme is explained in detail. In a several step long process of communication between two people a scecret key is derived from an initially random bit string. BB84 does not only require a quantum communications channel, but also a classic communication channel. Using photon for communication brings certain advantages and disadvantages.

    Overall Paper
    As someone who is not familiar with the topic at all, I can say most of the paper was an enjoyable and understandable read. There were a few paragraphs which I didn’t understand at the first try, but my problems were in most cases due to slightly ambigious phrasing.

    Detailed Judgement
    The list of quantum algorithms in the introduction was difficult to understand because I have no idea what RSA or DES are or what they do. A short explanation would make this more understandable.

    The explanations for key distribution in general and especially the explanation of BB84 were well phrased and nice to read.

    The small paraphraph about other techniques confused me based on the fact, that up to that point in the paper no distances were mentioned, yet I was presented with a supposedly higher range.

    I found nearly no grammer or spelling mistakes. In genereal the language and writing style are nice.

    The formatting still needs some work though.

    Final Recommendation
    As there are still notes in the draft I would suppose this is not a final version and should therefore not be published, because at this point it still needs some work.

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