Writing prompt #7

Use the following words in your story:
Kittens, a half-eaten pizza, telepathy, magic, a radio call-in show, salt crackers, a sixpack of beer, existential angst

What a great party that was, yesterday. I met so many strange and interesting characters!

Man, there was that one guy, who believed in magic. He really tried to use telepathy on my kitten plush toy. He may have had a beer too much. Or ten.

Then there was this woman who works as a moderator at a late night radio call-in show. She constantly has to deal with people with existential angst, weird fetishes, paranoia or a combination of those things. It sounded pretty interesting, but I don’t envy her.

Time for a left-over breakfast. Salt crackers, a half-eaten pizza and a six-pack of beer are a good meal to start the day, right? Nah, not really, but I don’t have anything else in the house.

One thought on “Writing prompt #7

  1. Josi says:

    Sounds like a wild party ^^ It didn’t come to my mind that a party actually is the perfect occasion to place all those words 🙂

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