Writing prompt #6

Imagine you are someone’s shadow for a day.

A friend of mine told me, that her boyfriend was acting weird, lately. She asked me to keep him under surveillance for today.
Great, no I have to follow him without being seen. Why didn‘t I talk her out of this idea? Her boyfriend is a good guy, I‘m sure he isn‘t up to something bad.
This whole situation is ridiculous.
He seems to have arrived at his destination. A jewelry store. Huh. He is examining expensive looking rings.

Shit, he is coming out of the store! I‘ll just turn away, look at the exhibits in the window and hope he doesn‘t recognize me.
Phew, it worked somehow. That was close.
Where is he heading now? Seems to be the same route he took here. Is he just going home?

Oh god. He is just going to propose to her, isn‘t he? He told me a few months ago that he plans to do that soonish.
Well, fuck. What to I tell her? I can‘t spoil the surprise!
I should have just talked her out of that stupid idea.


I’m not really happy with the ending and a few other bits. It’s still far better than what I wrote for prompt #5, which I’m probably not going to upload.

3 thoughts on “Writing prompt #6

  1. Josi says:

    The basic idea is pretty creative ^^ Would be interesting to know what the shadow is going to tell the suspicious girlfriend 😀

    • Norman says:

      I couldn’t come up with anything clever.
      If I was in that situation, I would probably just tell her that I lost him. After all I’m no professional private investigator. ^^

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