The 90s of the last century were marked by the invention of quantum algorithms, like the one by P. W. Shor, which is used for factorization of integers, or the algorithm for fast database searches by L. K. Grover. Those algorithms can be used to crack widespread cryptographic systems like RSA, which relies on the difficulty of the factorization of big numbers.

If classic cryptographic systems are cracked, all past and future communication using those systems is compromised. Quantum encryption solves this problem, as it can only be successfully attacked in real time. For its implementation, quantum key distribution systems are needed.

This paper surveys the state of the art of quantum key distribution systems as well as their properties.


Can I use acronyms like RSA? It stands for “Rivest, Shamir und Adleman”, which sounds kind of silly in the middle of a sentence.

One thought on “Abstract

  1. Josi says:

    Hi Norman,
    thanks for handing the abstract in on time! First concerning your question: Yes, you may use RSA immediately as an abbreviation because the abbreviation seems to be common knowledge in computer science. It might even be a bit strange to see it written out in the long form 😉

    Concerning the content of your abstract, I as reader do understand what the topic is about. However, in the first paragraph, you may leave the two algorithm developers out as it already is quite detailed. In contrast, you could elaborate a bit more on the second paragraph. Katrin actually would like to see a very rough outline of your paper: So which subtopics are there inside your topic and what might be problems? Your last sentence tells me that it will be about “quantum key distribution systems as well as their properties”. So now that you have roughly introduced the big topic in the first paragraph and introduced the problem in the second paragraph, you may also include which distribution systems you will talk about. If you do not know that yet, just keep it in mind for your finished paper 🙂


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