Writing prompt #2

“What was the research question of you bachelor’s thesis? How did the procedure look like? What were the results?”

I have to admit I did not remember what the research question of my bachelor’s thesis was. That’s why I started this assignment with writing about the procedure. I then thought about our results which helped my with the topic of the research question.

The Procedure:

The procedure was the lean start-up method proposed by Steve Blank. I already described it the short version of my bachelor’s thesis.

In short, we treated every thought and every idea we had about our start-up as hypotheses which we had to evaluate.

The Research Question:

I’am not really sure, if a question was ever formulated or just implied, but I think it was basically the following:
“Is our start-up idea feasible? Could it sustain itself after a certain initial investment?”

Those questions were accompanied by smaller ones like:
“How long does it take to return the investment to the investor?”
“How long will it take until black numbers are written?”

The Results:

As a result of our work we came to the conclusion that yes, our start-up would sustain itself after a certain investment (about 400.000$, I believe).

However, this conclusion is based on a lot of assumptions, which we could proof neither true nor wrong as of yet. For example, we cannot say for sure, how many people would use our application.


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