Writing prompt #1

“You are a travel agent of an intergalactic travel agency. A newly wed couple wants to got to Earth for their honeymoon. You try to talk them out of it.”

You want to go to Earth? I should tell you a bit about this planet, then.

The dominant species is not really far developed. They didn’t even start colonising other planets. That’s why the intergalactic alliance hasn’t contacted them, yet. This means, that getting there is rather difficult and accordingly expensive.

Furthermore, the locals are rather xenophobic and barbaric. It is quite possible that they would kill you or perform experiments on you. I can’t even promise you, that those experiments are performed on your dead bodies. Maybe they would even start a war about you.

In addition you can’t expect any luxury there. We don’t possess any outposts in that area of the galaxy and the living standards of the locals are horrific! They don’t even have teleporters so you had to walk everywhere or take one of their so-called “cars” or “planes”, which are crashing all of the time. Those things can even explode!

All in all I cannot let you go there with a good conscience. How about something in Andromeda? They have lovely nebulas and really friendly locals. They may look a bit odd though.


I have to admit I took a few minutes to correct some errors and changed the phrasing in a few spots to make the sentences fit better together and improve the flow a littly bit. I hope that is okay. 🙂


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