Structure of a scientific manuscript – Homework

Assignment 2

urban Internet of things – A Survey by the example of the padova smart City Project

Black-box String test case generation using multiobjective optimization

Assignment 3

Locomotion in immersive virtual environments

One thought on “Structure of a scientific manuscript – Homework

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi Manuel,
    the title of the first abstract is “Internet of Things for Smart Cities”. I think you summarize the main topic well and you mentioned the example of this paper. In my opinion it is reasonable and your topic could lead to the same content like the original topic. I like it.
    The real title for the second paper is “Black-Box String Test Case Generation through a Multi-Objective Optimization”. With your headline I think you hit the the focus of the paper. You are very close to the original heading.

    Well done. See you next week.

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