So long and thanks for all the fish

Some time has passed since our last session. Nevertheless, I want to take the opportunity to write a last post.

We worked on a lot of topics around scientific writing and research, we wrote, we read, we edited. You practised research, writing up, polishing your sentences and paragraphs. In the end, you contributed to a book which I was happy to give you in print in our last session. (By the way, you can find a PDF of our book here.)

You all worked hard on your papers and did a great job editing them according to the reviews. You helped to make the papers of your fellow students better by crafting a review yourself. Thanks for that.

I really enjoyed giving the seminar and working with you. You tremendously contributed to a very relaxed and fun work atmosphere. This gave us the opportunity to ask and answer questions, juggle with ideas, and create fun texts for our writing prompts.

I especially want to thank Norman for his book recommendations he gave in his blog. 🙂 A big thank you goes out again to Josi and Sebastian for their invaluable help with giving feedback to your homework and student project papers.

I hope the tools and techniques I introduced you to will help you with your studies and especially with your master’s thesis.

So long



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