Homework week 17

Hi all. Thank you for sharing your writing prompts from the last session. Sorry I couldn’t be there.

I changed our semester schedule as suggested by Marianne. So this coming Thursday we will talk about research, references and citation.

In preparation of our session, please submit the following assignments:


Read chapter 3 on “Reading and Reviewing” in Zobel’s “Writing for Computer Science”. We will discuss the chapter in class.

Write a Summary

Read the article “Warp Drive Research Key to Interstellar Travel” in the Scientific American Blog.

Write a summary for this article (~500 words) and post it in your blog. Pay particular attention to the following aspects:

  • are all important details included?
  • Would a readerĀ  have the same insights as reading your summary as if he would have read the original text?

After you submitted a first version feel free to polish it over and submit a revised version.

This exercise serves as preparation for the student project.


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