Books and Materials

In this course we will work with the following books:

Justin Zobel: Writing for Computer Science. 3rd ed. Springer 2015

The book is available as PDF and epub file at the university library (access from the university network).
Tim Skern: Writing Scientific English. A Workbook. 2nd ed. UTB, Stuttgart 2011

The book is available online via the university library

Further suggested reading includes:

Stephen King: On Writing. A Memoir of the Craft. Hodder & Stoughton Ltd. 2012Joan Bolker: Writing your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day. Macmillan USA, 1998William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White: The Elements of Style. Longman, 2014Paul J. Silvia: How to Write a Lot. A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing. APA Life Tools, 2007

Do you know any great books or articles on writing? Let us know!

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