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  1. Michael says:

    Summary of Scheduling algorithms in Real-Time-Operating systems. The paper presents 5 scheduling algorithms and explain how they work. The task of each algorithm is to schedule different types of process, depending on a certain criteria like deadlines. At first the author explains the processes as basic parts for the algorithms which form a greater picture later. At the end there was a related work chapter where scheduling tasks for server got explained.

    General Feedback:
    I really like the ordering of the chapters, that you start with the smallest element and go to the algorithm later.
    For the algorithms I would like to see a more detailed explanation in regards to advantages and disadvantages.
    The related works part fits at the end but context wise it seems kinda loose. I don’t know how its connected to the algorithms you presented, it just seem to be an example application for server.
    Check your sentence structure, especially at the introduction part. It was hard to keep up the reading flow at the beginning. It gets better at the middle part though.

    Specific Feedback:
    Use the citation numbers in order of appearance in the text, not in order of the bibliography. After the introduction sentence, the number should be 1. Sort the bibliography at the end accordingly.
    Be consistent with those reference numbers. Mostly you have them close to the word (example[1] .) but sometimes they have a space in-between like on page 4 (example [1].). At the introduction part it is even behind the stop mark (example. [1])
    When explaining the process types in chapter 2, they types are bold and italic. Afterward the categories are just bold. Choose one style and be consistent.
    Et. al. Means there are multiple people involved. Sometimes you add the s to verbs for 3rd person singular while there should be no s. See the last sentence in the summary for reference.
    Same sentence as before, Davis wasn’t a co author of your paper (I guess) so you have rephrase it.
    Single nouns sometimes misses an article or should be plural nouns. I am not sure for all cases, look at the tutors feedback for this. An example would be the explanation of the periodic process
    For the last formula on chapter 3 the abbreviation should be added in brackets. Even though the formula follows right after, the reader gets confused at first.
    In the first part of chapter 4 there is a citation number [2] in between the sentence which seems out of place.
    The next sentence has server in italic style and I don’t see the reason for this. This part is also unclear if the applications are called controlled server or if the applications are controlled by a server.

    Overall recommendation: Mayor revision. There are more stuff then writing errors but the number of changes needed is somewhat low.

  2. Josi says:

    Hi Christopher,

    sorry that we didn’t have time to talk about your paper after the last writing session. I have written much of what I wanted to say at the last page of your paper. Anyway, I still wanted to give you a tip:

    Scientific papers are good if even the stupid readers understand them. Many writers think that a scientific paper needs to sound complicated and sophisticated. That is not true. The art is to write simple and clean.
    I had the impression that you tried to make the text sound scientific by adding some complicated words or by adding some phrases. I even striked out some of those phrases of your text because they were unnecessary.

    Keep that in mind for your revision: Write simple. Maybe imagine you would explain your topic to a friend who does not understand much of it 🙂

    All the best,


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