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Modern real-time systems like, sensor driven home automation systems, automotiv board electronic and robotic application need to handle tasks and processes in a particular amount of time. It is important to react on periodic as well as on aperiodic tasks. For instance, handling the break system in a car is more important than handling the climatic control system. This work presents the current state of the art, how \rtos{s} approach these different problems. Furthermore different scheduling algorithm and their challenges are presented.


These reference are still in progress. It’s my first glance and there is still work to do. Currently I am using the  book from Audsley very intensivly.


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I know these are not the five requested references but they are most important for  me I guess.

One thought on “Abstract and references

  1. Josi says:

    Hi Christopher!
    Thanks for the abstract and the references 🙂 I like the structure of your abstract and the way you introduce your topic. I would connect the example a bit more to the previous sentence because I as reader am confused with the periodic/aperiodic in the previous sentence and then the “important” in the example. What is the connection?

    Then it seems that there is an important word missing – you wrote “\rtos{s}”, of which I am not sure if that was your intention ^.^ I would also shorten that sentence a bit as the reader knows that it is a state-of-the-art paper: “This work presents how [\rtos{s}] approach these different problems.”
    When you have written your paper and you know all about the topic, you can elaborate more in your last sentence, which scheduling algorithms for tackling the problem exist and what challenges there are.

    Concerning your references, it is okay that you found four papers at your first glance.
    I am somewhat confused by the references as you did not cite them properly. Is it a copy&paste from BibTeX?
    Anyway, I guess that 1. and 3. are kind of “classics” for the topic? They seem pretty old… Your newest reference is from 2011; maybe for further research try to find even more current work. They also give the state-of-the-art; thereby, you can check for papers that you may have overlooked thus far.
    I appreciate that 3 of your chosen works were published by IEEE. Even if they are not cited very often, they seem trustworthy. I have been a bit suspicious about 2., but checking the authors has shown that their works were also published by IEEE.

    Well done!
    See you tomorrow,

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