Homework – Abstract

  1. Read chapter 4 on “Hypotheses, Questions, and Evidence” in Zobel’s “Writing for Computer Science”. We will discuss that chapter in the next session.[Done]
  2. Write an abstract for your student project paper.

Virtualization is a technology that allows sharing the resources of a physical computer between multiple operating systems (OSs). The concept of Virtual Machines (VMs) was introduced in the 60’s by IBM. One revolutionary step was done by the FreeBSD project in 2000 with introducing FreeBSD Jails. With this work, the concept of operating system level virtualization – as one of two big categories of virtualization technologies – was boosted in the BSD community and later becomes also in the GNU/Linux world more and more popular.
Nowadays, companies, which act in the field of cloud computing, like Amazon, use such operating system level virtualization approaches for sharing their server capabilities in a highly dynamic way to customers.
First, we classify the main virtualization technologies into two categories and present a deeper introduction to operating system level virtualization. Secondly, we show differences of the two virtualization categories by comparing two popular representatives of each category. Finally we present a summary of the comparision and outline the advantages and disadvantages of *operating system level virtualization*.