Recap session 1 – the kick-off meeting

Yesterday we had our first session of the writer’s workshop. It was great seeing you all and we are really looking forward to work with you during the semester.

So here is a short recap of yesterday’s class:

We gave you a short introduction on the mechanics of the course and talked about what you can expect from attending. Our slides with all the information can be found here.

We introduced you to this blog which will be our central workplace for the seminar. We are really curious what you are going to post, comment and share here. I also wrote a little about the blog and its purpose in my welcome post.

The take home messages from our postcard game have been the following:

  1. If you write something you paint a picture in the head of your readers. This picture might look very different than you had intended. It’s important to pick the main aspects of the subject you are talking or writing about. Less important things could should be left out for the sake of clarity and focus.
  2. If you tell too many details about one aspect, maybe just because you know so much about it and want to tell the world, you put this very aspect in the focus of attention. Our brains are wired like that – lots of details and information = this thing is super important. Balance between details and the big picture is very important. We will talk about how we can achieve this balance.

Is there anything missing? Did you take something else away from our first session? Do you have any questions? Let us know and comment below!

But wait, there is more! The …


  1. Write a very short version (max. 2 pages or 600-800 words ) of your Bachelor’s thesis (including headings).
  2. Write a text about the writing process of your bachelor’s thesis. What did you like about it? What where the difficulties? Are you satisfied with the result? Why or why not?

The deadline for the submission of your homework is Thursday April 14 2016.

See you next week and keep on writing!

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